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You might have noticed some times that you feel a sudden pain and burning sensation in your chest. And you might have also ignore that being the case of a mild heartburn. But there are many people who explain asset in a regular basis, and uncontrolled heartburn can lead you to a very serious trouble in the future. You usually feel it after a big meal scorching in your chest. It is common for you to brush of all the symptoms and just ignore it. But if you keep ignoring it there are many complications which will follow after your ignorance. The first biggest damage it is going to causes to your esophagus which connects your mouth to the stomach. There can be severe ulcers, irritation, strictures, and cancer like tumors in your esophagus. You are with an increased risk of esophagus Cancer also with this condition.

Also experience and increased rate of tooth decay with your condition of heartburn. There will be scarring of your esophagus which can cause an arrow In down of your esophageal canal. These strictures can also cause painful spasms, painful chest pains, and a minute of a small heart attack. Other Side Effects include asthma and related respiratory problems as well. We are the respiratory conditions may include Chronic Bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic Sinusitis, emphysema, pulmonary Fibrosis or lung scarring, recurrent pneumonia , voice and throat problems, dental problems, and many other small irritations. Save yourself from all these relations by using our natural and easy methods tested and formulated by a panel of experts.

For personalized suggestions you can also write to us and we promise you your identity will be kept safe and your problem will be resolved in the best possible way.